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White Labs Pitchable Yeast is made to contain over 100 billion yeast cells. The PurePitch packages contain a minimum of 40 mls, with actual volumes ranging from 40 to 50 mls.

Lag times are typically between 12-24 hours for a normal strength brew.

A yeast starter is used to initiate cell activity or increase the cell count before using it to make your beer. The yeast will grow in this smaller volume, usually for 1-2 days, which then can be added to 5 gallons of wort.

While a starter is not always necessary, White Labs recommends making a starter if the  Original Gravity is over 1.050, if the yeast is past its "Best Before" date, if you are pitching lager yeast at temperatures below 18C0   (65F0), or if a faster start is desired.

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